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PHENOM 2 X4 955BE @ 3.6 GHZ, WIN 7 PRO 64, 4 GB DDR1600 G SKILLS, asus board compatible xfire but only 8x


PARTS PREFERENCES: (e.g., if you will only use ATI cards, want PhysX card, prefer XFX cards over Sapphire cards, etc., tell us)



I'm planning an upgrade for my PC. I have an asus board with 8x compatible crossfire. Should I look for a used 5770 for 100$ and put it in my pc? I have only a 500W PSU and the crossfire is only 8x... and the bottleneck will to be the CPU and not the GPU?

I can have a 7770 for 130$ on ncix.

Thans for the help!
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  1. 5770CF any day !! I think its equal to like a gtx 570 or radeon 6950

    BTW I have a MSI radeon 5770 Hawk that I'm selling. Its barely used and I bought it in march I can give u a good deal if your interested!!
  2. Even if i just have a 500W PSU and 8x crossfire instead of 16x crossfire? It's possible to XF 2 cards with different brand?
  3. 8x is no biggie. Only if it was 4x would be worth giving it a second look. The only issue I see is your 500w PSU.


    If you look at the bottom, the recommended PSU for an xfire setup is 600 watt at least. 5770 is the same thing as a 6770. Just renamed. Good luck.
  4. Get a 700 watt PSU just in case!
  5. Thanks ohyouknow
    I'll will check te real consumption of my system and detailed spec of my PSU. Note that the 6770's clock spee is 50 Mhz faster :P So the power should be a little more on the 6770. Because if a xfire of 6770 consumme 200watts, I have 300 spare watts for the rest of my computer (125W for the CPU and the rest). I'll check if my PSU can be pushed at 100% of the 500W.
  6. 5770 to 7770 is a very small upgrade so 2 x 5770 is a good value upgrade but not close to the 570 mentioned and you could get micro stutter.
  7. But getting a 700W PSU... will take my upgrade to 160$ or more... Is it worth the price for a dual 5770? I shouldn't not change the CPU or add ram instead?
  8. yaaa4 said:
    But getting a 700W PSU... will take my upgrade to 160$ or more... Is it worth the price for a dual 5770? I shouldn't not change the CPU or add ram instead?

    Change the PSU and CPU. If you can't afford to buy a new CPU just overclock your phenom 955!. I have a phenom x4 980 myself!
  9. I've already pushed up my 955BE to 3.91Ghz. I'll do it again, when I'll have the time :P
  10. yaaa4 said:
    I've already pushed up my 955BE to 3.91Ghz. I'll do it again, when I'll have the time :P

    Try giving it more voltage to get it up to 4ghz
  11. I'm not sure I'll go further than 3.91... I just have a antec h2o 620 to cool it down and I don't want the go further than 60°C per core.
  12. http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-5770-review-test/11

    5770 xfire. Still recommends 600+ with 55 amps on the 12v rail. 36 amps on the ocz psu if you have the modxstream one.

    Pulls 400 at least at load which doesn't leave you much room to overclock your cpu if you have any intentions in the future. I was also looking at an xfire setup with my replaced 6770 and had the same psu. Did a little research myself when I was contemplating it.

    I don't want to discourage you but I don't want you to blow your system. If you can go with a 7800 series/ 6950/ GTX 560 ti (or non ti)/ 6870. I've seen the 6870 going for the low 100's on ebay.
  13. You can run 5770 CF with your current PSU. No need for a new one.

    200w load for the GPU, then 200w for the CPU, then the rest for the motherboard + HDD + fans. Should be ok.
  14. damn... we have to stop.
    I don't have x8 CF... juste x4 CF... http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3/M4A785TDV_EVO/#specifications
  15. Budget mobo's tend not to have x8/x8
  16. The difference between 8x/8x and 16x/16x PCI-E 2.0 slots is rather small in games, but having 16x and 4x crossfire can produce odd results. Check out this article done with 4850s


    You will notice that a P35 with an 8x/8x PCI-E 1.0 config does consistently better than a 16x/4x PCI-E 2.0 config even though a 4x 2.0 slot provides the same bandwith as an 8x 1.0 slot. For some games the determent to using a 16x/4x is small, and with others like Crysis it's pretty big. If you want more consistent performance get the single 7770, or better yet a 6870.
  17. Thanks to all of you!

    I'll check for a new graph card. Maybe I'll wait and pay a little more to be sure to have a beast (like a 6950 or 7950).
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