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Sound issue

December 12, 2012 1:51:44 AM

I appear to have dead onboard sound. To try and better explain:

I keep a computer in my garage. I smoke out there, as opposed to in the house, so I keep a spare parts PC out on my work bench for looking up things (if I'm fixing something), music, and chat. It really has to meet 3 requirements, it must be micro ATX or small, so as not to be size intrusive, it must not be so obsolete it's troublesome to use, and it must have sound.

However, the realtek sound chip appears to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. It has HD sound, detects plug ins and removal of jacks, but no actual sound comes out. I've tested other devices on the cable and speakers and plugged in headphones. It simply doesn't output any sound from the jacks, and I can't figure out why, as nothing appears to be malfunctioning. In addition, none of my old soundcards are windows 7 compatible, and there are no drivers for them (I have several old pulled SB Live! cards, and a couple other brand cards). Anyone know a cheap solution, or have any idea as to why onboard sound is misbehaving?

Most of the cheap USB sound cards sound like crap on a stick, does anyone know a cheap sound card that can at least put out 24-bit or otherwise CD quality sound that isn't going to run up a bill? I don't really want to spend money on this computer, or more than I have to, as it's already made out of spare parts, and all my other motherboards are full size ATX and won't fit in the mini-tower.

Edit: I've already tried the 3 drivers more than once (Gigabyte's, Microsoft's, and Realtek's), reinstalling them has not resolved the problem. The motherboard was pulled from my brother's old gaming rig, wherein he used a USB headset exclusively.

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