I lost 50G from my hard drive after windows 7 was installed?

I had windows 7 ultimate installed by a friend and when it was returned about 50G was missing from the drive.

I thought my friend had changed drives but maybe you can help me understand this position and maybe tell me how to get the 50G back?
Thanks kind regards
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  1. Hello Nick_09;

    Did he partition the drive at all?
  2. didnt you already post the same question?
  3. Herp derp, does installing something take up space? Maybe it goes into a black hole and everything is run off the CD. Of course your going to have space missing when you install an OS. Windows 7 takes up alot especially ultimate. If your page file is automatic and it set it to 1-2x your ram if you have more than 8 gb it will take up 8-32gb of hard disk space just for the page file.
  4. What do you mean missing ?? --- THere are several factors that it could be --

    1. the Hibernation file if in use can take up as much space as you have memory installed (ie if 16GB of RAM hybernation file could use up around 16GB of HDD space)

    2. System restore points and back up images of files that are hidden by MS can account for 10 - 15% of the HDD space if left at default setting

    3. As mentioned HDD makers round GB to 1000 instead of 1024 so 2TB would be only 2000 GB instead of 2048 GB losing 48GB off the top !

    Etc. Etc.
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