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I am getting a pc that i will use for surfing the web, doing homework and playing games.

My Budget is £300 (i don't know how many dollars)

Graphic Card: I have a budget of £100-150. I am not planning on having to have high settings on games, just medium.

Hard Drive: 320gb + 60gb SSD or 500gb

PSU and Case: i have no idea.

I am NOT overclocking
I am NOT going to use SLI


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  1. What RAM/MOBO/CPU did you choose?
  2. CPU: intel i5-2500k
    Motherboard : Socket 1155 H61
    RAM : 8GB G.Skills Ripjaws-X
  3. Well since you don't know what the PSU is i would recommend the Radeon HD 7750 because it is the fastest graphics card you can get right now that doesn't require an auxiliary power input; it draws all that it needs from a 16-lane PCIe slot.
  4. thanks for the btip
  5. no problem your very welcome!
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