3780 Blue screen and super hot at idle

I got a Sapphire HD3870 and now I get the blue screen of death, along with that during my boot up the card get super hot: I mean about 60C.
So this card is F*cked isn't it? So getting a Asus GTX550 ti would last how long in a well ventilated case? And what PSU will I need? Nvidia states the GPU needs a min. of 400W psu but I currently got a 4 year old 480W psu. Would my current PSU will be good or should a get a OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro PSU or a Corsair GX600? I just need something to play BF3 on High.
Thanks. please reply and Exban 224 is a N00B.
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  1. Check Pc for viruses. what is the graphics cooling system it might be filled with dust?
  2. tricksta555 said:
    Check Pc for viruses. what is the graphics cooling system it might be filled with dust?

    The NUMBER ONE THING I find my friends don't do when I fix their PCs is open it up at least every 3 months (more often if in a dusty area, I have to do it every 3 weeks), is buy the stupid can of air duster and blast the crap out of it. A good layer of dust in the wrong place WILL kill a component, if not the entire PC.
  3. Virus??? no!!! This happens in the boot loader and linux, and when was the last time linux got a virus???
    The card is clean of dust.
    Thanks for replying.
  4. I would definately get at least a 600W, if your mobo supports it you may want to SLI later on and that's one less thing to buy. Over time PSUs just crap out, I've had SEVERAL (upwards of six), been building since the late 90's.

    Edit: About what is your normal air temp where your PC is located and where is GPU in relation to other parts, how much clearance is there around card? Also, how is cable routing? (Cables DO restrict airflow)
  5. It's not that. The card has had it.
    I played BFBC2 and BF3 on Medium 1920*1080 and the card was between warm and hot but not as hot compared to now when it is at idle.
    I had the card for 1 and half years and before then my nooby friend had it for about the same amount I should think.

    So when I get the 550ti (which needs 400w) I should get 600w because I dont want to SLI. Normally my rig is cool (root temp).
    The 550 ti now is only £89.99 from dabs (UK) so I will buy it and wait a month or two, before I will get a new PSU and case.
    How long will my new 550 ti will last for????
    And what will the idle temp. will be in this case (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zalman-Z11-ATX-Mid-Tower-PC-Gaming-Computer-Case-/150791391008?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopComponents_RL&hash=item231bde0720)

  6. It would depend on the cards fan speed(as to if 60c is even bad).

    For instance the 4870 idles at 75-80c, but it has the fan speed very low. it does not get much hotter when gaming(it just slowly increases the fan speed).

    I would expect it to get rather hot if you do not have the full drivers in Linux since without those the card may not drop idle speeds.

    A good 400-450 watt power supply should run 1 550 ti without issues. Assuming you are not massively overclocking everything.

    AnandTech's test shows a 550ti with a i7 920 @ 3.3 taking 323 from the wall with furmarks.
  7. F*CK IT!!! so my 4 year old 480W PSU will run my Asus 550 ti (a little factory over clocked GPU)??
    What happens of the PSU dies while running my GPU??? surely my rig should be fine (as long as the PSU will not explode) because it will just not have sufficient power???

    Oh well not I am gona get the 550 ti and put it in my old case with my old psu.

    BUT!!! whats beater for playing bf3 on max 6770 or 550 ti??? I think 550 ti.

    My rig:

    Phenom II X4 955
    Asus mother board (dont know what kind)
    8gigs ddr 3 1333
    500GB raid 1 MWD
    And a DVI viewsonic monitor.

    I upgraded for BFBC2 but that was 2 years a go. So how long is my rig going to last for???
  8. The 5770/6770 perform close in many cases, on rare occasion one card pulls way out in front(BF3 should be slightly better on the 550 ti).


    Links to power consumption of a 550 TI(75mhz OC) card

    What power supply do you have?
  9. A good assumption is that you can play games top graphics for 12-18 months, depending on your GPU (550Ti would probably be 4/5, with 5 being highest) settings, for at least 6-8 months.

    I have 2 550Tis SLI'd and I play SWTOR full everything, but 550 is mid range. nVidia goes:

    Low = < x40. Good for kid's PCs. maybe youtube. recommended for PC at work if you don't want employees playing any games.
    Entry = x40 - x50. More than good enough to play mainstream games at acceptable levels. Mid to high graphics, slightly below max to max (NOT counting games such as crysis)
    Mid = x60. Beautiful graphics in almost all cases, usually upwards of $200 for current gen cards.
    High = x70 - x80. Expensive but visual quality that will make you change your drawers.
    Crazy = x90. Super expensive. Better than all other cards in generation.

    Keep in mind that games look great at High but not max settings nowdays anyways
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