Will my power supply be enough?

hello my current power supply is an antec gamer series 620w power supply i want to know if it will run another ati radeon hd 6850 in crossfire mode my computer specs are as follows

Asrock extreme3 990fx mobo
amd fx 4300 @4.5ghz 1.4volts
antec kulher 620
4 gig 1333mhz ram
ati radeon 6850
64gb ssd
1tb hd
and about 5 fans

if you need anymore info just let me know thanks
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  1. Yes it will do, although it's not worth it in my opinion.
  2. what would you prefer im kind of on a tight budget so do you have any other cards that will perform better?
  3. how much of a performance increase would i see would it be worth the 180? the reason i was going to get a second 6850 was because my motherboard supports x16 by x16 not x8 by x8 so would a single gtx 660 be better then two 6850's?
  4. well i doubt that two 6850 are as good as a single 660 gtx, plus the driver support for crossfire(when not supported the a single 6850 will lose by miles vs 660 gtx), micro-stuttering, less smoothness and a higher power consumption/noise/heat makes the 6850 crossfire a bad idea in my opinion.
    Either the 660 gtx or a 7870 will be the best choice, i just put the 660 gtx cause it's under 200$, a good 7870 is 230$
  5. Well YES it can but there is 1 thing ! Hd 6850 (heard ) have many M/stuttering problems so not worth. Also you have new card's (if you can sell tha 6850 ) that will perform better.

    Sell that card /save some $ and buy a new gen one. OR wait for 8xxx/7xx gen ! 8xxx will be cheaper and better ! So i think its worth it .

    Here is a leak !

  6. Those are just speculation, and for now there's only the 7000 series amd and 600 series nvidia, they could come next year spring, summer or autumn(Q2,Q3 of 2013) and nobody knows for sure(from nvidia there's nothing planned so far).
    My advice is, if he needs better performance and if he's experiencing low fps is to get a new card like the ones i told.
  7. Well he would be better waiting ! 6850 is not a bad card !
  8. Not if he's gaming at the current games offered by now and for the next semester :


    And that is with lower resolutions.
    In far cry 3 the 6850 barely gets 30 fps at a really low resolution, in hitman(which is used a 7770 ghz is slightly better than the 6850 in dx11) it gets barely 30 fps at again a low resolution.
    I think if he's asking for another 6850, it means he has some troubles with performance with the current card.
    The 6850 was a low-end card for it's days.
  9. Well im playing Hitman at that res and i get more than 60 Fps at everything ultra !
  10. Evga Gtx 560 Ti, no is not a 6850, the 6850 performs much less than the 560 ti, heck even if he switched the 6850 to a card like yours, he'd notice a boost.
    The 6850 just doesn't cut it for gaming at high resolutions nor for next year games(crysis 3).
    He asked for another 6850 for crossfire and i gave my suggestion.
    Now for keeping the 6850 that is another question, he could sell at ~50$ and get a 660 gtx for more 130$ or a 7870 or keep the card and struggle waiting for a new generation.
  11. I dint want to compare the 6850 to 560 ti. But the bench u linked giving me only 43 fps!

    Well he can lower the res maybe ? Or settings ?
  12. You have newer drivers, and a good overclocked card, i think it was used stock speeds and a reference card, it could also have some different settings.
    If it was a 560ti i'd hold the card, that's the thing between low-end cards vs mid cards, the mid cards always last longer and if from nvidia the better.
  13. Well dont want to start a war Amd Vs Nvidia so im not replying !

    If i had to do this choice i would keep that 6850 and OC it. And sure wait the new gen ! Not truly a problem !
  14. I wasn't trying to flame, just gave my preference(nvidia), you don't know the fps he gets and how many months to get newer cards.
    I'd say let him decide based on his current fps, but if he has the money to spend for a card no point in waiting for a non definitive date for newer cards, just get these generation cards(660 gtx or 7870), what most important is going with a mid-end card.
  15. Well he said he is on a tight budget so thats why i said so.
  16. But the thing is you make it seems it's not worth it, when switching a 6850 for a 660gtx or 7870 will make a huge difference, i'd say more difference than switching a 660 gtx for an amd series 8xxx(which will probably be expensive, the mid-range cards in the launch) for a unknown date( like i said it could be spring 2013, but it also could be summer, autumn, who knows).
    I'm just tired of that speculation as for it's not worth buying cpus/gpus now, like the haswell intel cpus or amd 8xxx series.
  17. Well i just said that card its not that bad.And i dint say its not worth doing that upgrade.

    Still i said if i was in that position i would wait !
  18. "what would you prefer im kind of on a tight budget so do you have any other cards that will perform better?"

    That's the point, he has a budget and wants more performance either with another 6850(not recommended)or a new card, you just speculate that another cards(for now only the amd series 8 speculation) may come in several months for how knows what prices, that just beside the whole point of the thread, like i said getting tired of speculation of gpus/cpus.
  19. He didnt mention any $
  20. A 6850 costs minimum ~$130-140.
    He said another one so i expect he has about that, or even a bit more for like the 660 gtx.
    In my opinion for the price not worth it for crossfire, but for a 660 gtx at 179.99$(comes with assassins creed 3 for 49.99$) it's worth, it gives a huge performance boost vs 6850.
  21. remember you can always buy a slightly inferior card and oc it
  22. but the 660 is a nice card. I would say 670 but thats a price jump
  23. Thanks guys for all the replys lol thats is my current issue to be honest is the studdering and i do play some current gen games like assassin's creed and such but the main game i play is world of warcraft and ever since the xpac dropped i had to lower my settings from ultra to fair and even then im at 30 fps before the x pac i could max out settings no problem so i wanted to know if crossfire would be better i may just sell the card and buy a new one or wait for new generation then sell card and buy a new one thanks for all the input its greatly appreciative
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