PSU buzzing even with power off

Starting today, my HX750 has started to make a faint buzzing noise that I can only hear when arounda couple feet away from the back of the PSU. The psu is always making noise even with power off (switch still on) until i unplug it from the wall. i have tried sticking it into a different wall outlet and the buzzing is still there. I am just unsure as what where i should go from here. I am considering RMA.


2600k (not overclocked)
570 2.5gb (not overclocked)
sabertooth z77
16gb xms3 1333
corsair hx750
500gb HDD
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  1. The sound might be coming from loose internal contacts.

    Better RMA it ASAP.
  2. Well I switched wall outlets again the it seems to have stopped for some reason. Played some games and ran some stress tests and the buzzing is gone.
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