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okay so I'm not really sure how to explain my problem but i'll try my best.

I am in the process of ordering more computer parts and am getting the sapphire amd radeon hd6870 card, now I notice that the card has a hdmi input, and i'm thinking I can plug that in to my monitor? But I am also going to run my monitor through DVI, my monitor is an asus 21.5" full hd HDMI. So i guess my actual question is, can I run both DVI and HDMI and how would I connect those for the best quality and audio
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  1. Video quality shouldn't be any different. Audio quality is going to depend on what motherboard/sound card you have as opposed to HDMI audio.

    My question is why would you want to hook up both? If your monitor has speakers that you want to use, use HDMI only. If it doesn't use DVI only.

    -Wolf sends
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