Driver Question - Nvidia from broken ATI card

So I got a black screen this morning with everything still powering up and 1 bios beep. I'm 90% sure it's due to the video card. Already checked ram and hd, and yesterday I had 2 blue screens with gpu memory dump on ati.dll file.

I'm planning on running over and grabbing a gtx 500 ti which seemed like the best card for the performance/price I want at Microcenter.

The issue is, I can't uninstall my old ATI drivers first since I can't boot up. I know there are issues with installing an Nvidia card before uninstalling ATI drivers, anyone have advice on this situation on how to best handle it?

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  1. With the nvidia log into safe mode and uninstall AMD/ATI drivers.
  2. you can plug in the new card and not install drivers. simply do so and remove the AMD drivers first and then install nvidia drivers.

    you sure its not a power supply issue?
  3. Yea not a PSU issue. I ended up getting it working, thanks for the replies though.
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