AMD Phenom II X4 B97 in AM2+ socket

Ok i have a computer that ive been slowly upgrading over the years and ive now replaced everything but the motherboard and the cpu. I have a foxconn (bengal) RS780 mobo with am2+ socket and after alot of research im pretty sure theres no bios update so i dont think i can use a AM3 cpu. So i was looking for a good am2+ cpu (thats 95w) and i found a phenomII x4 B97 at 95w and under stats for the socket it says AM2+/Am3 so i thought great and bought however the more i think bout it the more it seems like they meant it is a Am3 cpu that will work in a AM2+ socket with bios update! so should this work with my motherboard? please help cus im kinda freakin out here
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  1. This is a tough call; phenom I cpus such as the 9500 should definately work up to 95 watts, but phenom II may require a bios flash, which I don't see for your board. If you need any more updates, best buy has a terrific special today (it will sell out fast) on a dual core am3 system: You should be able to run a phenom II up to 95 watts on the board that comes with this system, if you don't feel comfortable changing out a motherboard.
  2. Is it on the Supported CPU List for that motherboard?
  3. According to another poster, a phenom II 810 works on the H-series version of the foxconn rx780 board, but that one has an hp bios. It makes a difference. My link doesn't work.
  4. ok i tried it and it seems to work!! the only problem is windows says it is a unknown amd processor @3.2ghtz but i dont really care
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