Which of the 2 cpus is better?

Hi all
I was looking for Ram on Craigslist and this guy has 4gb of ddr2 ram, AM2 gigabyte motherboard and an AM2 athlon 5000+. I was thinking instead of just buying the ram off him to buy all the parts (he's asking $55obo). What I wanted to ask if if the AM2 athlon 5000+ is better than the AMD 64 2x 4200+ (what I currrently have) and whether the $55 is worth to upgrade the ram to 4gb and the cpu. I just don't know how to compare cpus and need some help, thanks
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  1. why are you buying so ancient parts?
  2. Anonymous said:
    why are you buying so ancient parts?

    +1 , too old CPUs to buy, get an IB pentium or i3 [depends on ur budget]

    well be better than this
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