Drivers for micro sd card w7

a micro sd card can't show in computer
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  1. Does Win 7 recognize the device is connected? If so, did you format it?

    If it doesn't show up, are you sure it is connected properly? Also, do you know if the storage device works in other systems?
  2. actually i formatted the pc and i am not whether or not the card was in the pc during the formatting
  3. You have to format the actual SD card itself to use it.
  4. I was having the same problem. Check the model and make of your PC/Laptop (eg: Asus, K55VD) and find the official driver website. If you find one called PCIE Card Reader, install that. It worked for me, the MicroSD was found immediately after.
  5. That would indeed be needed if the card reader is internal to the computer itself.

    Most manufacturers require those drivers. Common card readers are the Ricoh card reader which is used by most of the major vendors.
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