GTX 570 or 7850

Sup guys, i got 2 options

GTX 570 1GB 2nd hand by a few months @ $300 or AMD 7850 2GB brand new @ $325

I only use my PC to game so i want max performance FPS wise @ 1080p, I will be overclocking to the max the card will allow (done it with my current 5770) and my CM 550w PSU can handle only 1 (so no SLI or Xfire, even though i want to later).

So if you where in my situation which would you take? My last Nvidia card was a 7800GT so I'm not clued up with there new stuff. Note i cant stretch my budget anymore, this is the max also i won't be upgrading for a while so it must be as *future proof* as possible with FPS in mind.
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  1. South Africa man, GTX 480 still goes for around $480 dollars her and my PSU is the GX 550w 2nd gen (new company apparently made it).
  2. Would it give me better performance in the long run compared to a 570? I'm gonna overclock both on the day i get them if it changes anything.
  3. Same performance but driver updates should make it better.
  4. GTX 570 is still a decent choice but as you've a chance to get a new generation GPU, i would grab the HD 7850, run's cooler, quieter, faster, consume less power, good overclocking ability.
  5. Since they so close in performance i came up with a idea, if the extra $25 doesn't allow me to get a K model i5 then I'll take the GTX 570, but if i can spare the $25 dollars and still get a k model then i'll take the 7850.

    Want a i5 k model to go 4Ghz for once, sound like a good idea? or am i being to cheap here? xD
  6. the 570 is used, so i would get a brand new card, the 7850, and like recon said is more efficient
  7. Ya i think i will take the 7850 rather, the guy i was going to buy the 570 from anyway wanted to sell the PC whole instead of separated. Will just have to stretch the budget by R100-R200 if need be.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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