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PLease Help ...I'm begging you ! Gpu problem

Today i had my Gpu shipped.and before that i had my psu replaced with Corsair TX 750 V2.
I have windows 8

As the Psu is very strong , i opened the Gpu from box and installed it.but strange things like the display is absent ( i mean all black screen ) as output to monitor is from gpu but the o/p from onboard gpu is there at the same time.

but the gpu fan is spinning and the screen is all black.

but i tried many times everything like cables , different psu connectors ,but failed.
but one time i got frustrated and just let the black screen come on, and what i saw was the log in screen of win 8.i thought that its working , but then i shut down , again there was black screen for very long and no display again !

but then i restarted with onboard gpu and found that resolution is changed (as it happens with new gpu) nvidia control panel is detecting gpu at Physx . i tried some games , they were varying in speeds as if for 2 seconds there is no gpu and after 2 seconds if the game is gpu accelerated .

also the system is detecting gpu , but i am not getting any display from gpu ports ( none ports) and at same time onboard gpu is showing display .
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  1. What GPU?

    What Monitor?

    How do you have it connected to your monitor?

    Does your monitor have different connections available?

    My best guess is that you are trying to connect your old VGA only monitor, with an adapter, to a DVI-D port(Doesn't support analog).
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    turn your omboard graphics off as it sounds as if you havenot in the bios
  3. cream said:
    turn your omboard graphics off as it sounds as if you havenot in the bios

    You are the god Man , ! i dont know how to thank you.

    well i am not a amateur , but i knew all these things but i dont remember when did i set my option as IGP>PCI>PCIe

    but now i turned it as PCie>PCI>IGP . thanks man

    i almost broke my gpu inserting and removing it around 50 times in 8 hours ,

    i was working on this *** from continuous 8 hours since my gpu arrived .sweating out, worried , thanks man now i can game .Thanks.
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