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Radeon 6620G Discrete or Integrated?

I need to purchase a laptop, and I'm trying to get something a little stronger than the Intel 3000 Graphics. I have been looking at the Radeon 6620G and have seen where people are saying it is integrated while others say it is discrete.

On Newegg I found 2 laptops. One was listed with the 6620G as integrated, while a reviewer claimed it was discrete. The other laptop was listed by newegg has having a discrete 6620G, while some reviewers claimed it was integrated. I'm confused.

I just want to know if it is discrete, integrated, or if the 6620G can come either way depending on which laptop it is.
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  1. Here is the 6620G laptop claiming it has discrete graphics 512MB dedicated on Newegg.

    Here is the product page on Acer claiming it is shared memory. I'll trust them. I guess Newegg has it listed wrong.

    I've looked over several laptop models using the 6620G and they're all claiming it's shared memory. Which pretty much answers my question.

    However, if anyone has any more insight on this subject, please let me know.
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  3. The 6620 is integrated but the performance should be comparible to entry level discrete cards which is what AMD markets it as and thus the confusion.

    It should be perfectly fine for light gaming and also is much more powerful than the HD3000.
  4. Thank you both.

    I was just getting this for some upcoming travelling. Not as replacement for my PC. I will use it for WoW & TF2 but once I am home I don't plan on gaming with it at all.
  5. I originally bought a HP DV6z (3530MX CPU) which has a 6620G as it's GPU and it works great for travel and light gaming. Its not a desktop replacement, no where near, but it does perform similar to what you'd get from a low end budget dGPU. I used it for traveling / work until I bought another with a 7690M (AFC / Hybrid SLI) and a 3550MX. Perfect APU for working / traveling and being able to play games at night when your at the hotel.
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