Hyper 212 Evo blocks ram

First of all, where should the heatsink be facing? I have one fan at the top of the case and one on the back. When I put the heatsink facing the front with the ram, it blocks the first slot. Is this the way it should be facing?

Also, which slots does the ram go in? I have 2x4gb. Does it matter which slots they're in?
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  1. In the paired slots. like 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.

    IT goes so it's pointing towards the back of the case and it might block your ram if you get large heatsink things.
  2. Ok, so I can just put the ram in 2 and 4, right?
  3. If it's facing towards the back, isn't it on the opposite side of the ram?
  4. This is how I have it set up. Is this correct?

  5. Yep thats correct. What you do is push the fan up a bit so that the ram can fit under.
  6. But could I can leave it in 2 and 4 like it is in the pic, right? It only block 1st slot.
  7. You might lose a little performance, nothing too major.
  8. 2 and 4 will work fine, if that is what your mobo says for dual channel.
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