PLEASE HELP Need Cheap Tri Sli Gtx 670 Build


I'm looking to purchase a tri sli gtx 670 system. But with all my efforts searching gaming pc sites, most of them came up to about $2800-2900

And yes your probably thinking why buy a from a site when you can build it yourself. I can build it myself but the problem is I don't have the time Also buying from a site actually costs the same as buying the parts yourself give or take 100 bucks. I know 3 grand says it all about buying from sites, but I'm a hardware addict I could go a lot lower but seeing all those amazing parts it's hard to stay away

So you can post a build from wherever PC PART PICKER or avadirect,cyberpower,ibuypower, etc...

I will appreciate an answer quickly please From any site or your own list.

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  1. If it is 1080p, triSLI is a big waste of $.
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