HIS 7750 Analog Component Video?

I just installed a 7750 to replace my 4650, mainly because the 4650 was too loud in a HTPC environment. I was able to get a 1080i signal from the 4650 to my HDTV via the card's Analog dongle.

I figured I could do something similar with the 7750 using a DVI > Component adaptor. I know the DVI output passes an analog signal because a DVI > VGA adaptor was included in the box. However the 7750 fails to detect the HDTV (4650 detected it no problem).

The card's HDMI output is being used by my monitor via an HDMI > DVI cable. I could hook my monitor up to the DVI ouput and buy a long (25') HDMI cable to the TV, but that will mean unplugging another HDMI component in my TV (limited inputs), and since I already have a 25' Component Video cable I'd like to use that instead of HDMI to the TV.

Any idea why the 7750 fails to detect? I'm using Catalyst 12.3. For some reason my system doesn't install the 12.4 update.
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  1. Not sure why it's failing to detect it, but an HDMI to Component Converter would work.

    I grabbed on of those (exact model) for my HDTV when the HDCP handshaking started to fail, causing HDMI to stop working immediately (ain't DRM great?). Works great, but it's a little quiet. Have to adjust the volume by about 20% going between my Roku and Blu-Ray player.
  2. Thanks for the info... but if I had to spend money I'd probably buy the longer HDMI cable and sacrifice the other HDMI piece in my HT... issue is also cost... I'd love to replicate my previous setup using the component cable without spending any more cash, but that might be impossible if the 7750 won't detect the Plasma TV.
  3. I use other cards, but I have a similar setup.
    My primary tower uses the component to my Plasma and it works great.
    (same I only have 2 HDMI inputs and they are in use)

    Since I misplaced my other component cable.... I'm force for the time been to use my secondary tower with S-Video ... :(

    But when I first try it, it wouldn't work at all, until I figured out that the cable was actually a little LOOSE.

    So please verify that both your video card and the cable are connected properly.
    Now verify that your Plasma is set to the proper video output (in mine 1 thru 8)

    If it works, verify the drivers.
  4. The cables are tight, input on TV is correct.

    Other than the card or drivers, the converter might not be working (this is the first time I've used the DVI > Component adapter, since the 4650 had a DIN out with Component dongle). The adapter has DIP switches, which I have set to 1080i + 720p + 16x9. No way to test it except in use. Frustrating...
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