CPU running t 90 degrees after water spillage! Please help..


I just checked by CPU temp with CORE Temp programme as I felt the heat from the left side of the computer almost like a hair dryer. The temp was 88 degrees on each of the dual cores. It is a HP wth Dual cores. My wife recently spilled water on it and it cut out but after drying it, the comp is now working just very hot. Any info would be greatfully received.
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  1. 1) Buy an extra HP warranty (if you can, if you need to) for about $300 if it's expired.
    2) Get HP to service it as any spillage on an electrical device (with a power supply unit) cannot be serviced by a regular PC Technician.
  2. I assumed you don't have a warranty left an I doubt the computer is worth $300 am I right? I really don't see how water would make the cpu run hotter. How are you monitoring temps? How dusty is the heatsink and fans?
  3. you should check inside because FAN might not be running... check the heatsink and other stuff...
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