C Drive or Motherboard Problem

Asus P4C-800E Del. motherboard
Pentium $ 2.8 Nothwoods
XPs3 OCZ ram
WD caviar HD

When turned on the external lights on in case, cooling fan lights on, all lights blinked rapidly for about 10 sec. The headphones were plugged in could hear beeping sound. Now it won't power up with the on button, powers up as soon as power supply turns on--won't force quit, only way to power down is to unplug. Green indicator light on motherboard lights up as usual and the cooling fan runs like normal. Now when power up doesn't give motherboard start page, monitor not getting signal from computer. Is the problem C drive or motherboard? Will try to boot from windows disk tonight.
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  1. if it doesn't give your the start page, i am pretty sure there is something wrong with the motherboard.
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