AMD FX 4100 + EVGA GTX 650 Superclocked 1GB GDDR5

Hi guys, not posted on here before but have been a lurker for quite some time ha. Don't take this as me spamming out my issue to various forums in hope of a good response as I know the users here provide quality advice so im hoping some of you could give me a bit of guidance here.

I've just put together a build and am have some issues. specs are:

EVGA GTX 650 Superclocked edition 1GB GDDR5 GPU
8GB Ram

Older source games run beautifully at 60 FPS with maxed out settings but the problems I am having are with newer games. On Assassins Creed 3 in the opening theatre and boat scenes im getting 60 FPS with high settings but when i hit more populated areas I drop to 30-40fps. Another game I've tried, Red Faction: Armageddon, is only getting 30fps on a mixture of medium and high settings. I should be getting a much higher performance from these games.

As these are the only games I've tried is this an issue more with games not being optimized properly or is this down to my system? Is my system not up-to these games or is there anything I can do to raise the FPS?

Honest opinions are welcome

I hope some of you will be able to help me remedy this

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  1. 1. update your graphics driver to the newest one from nvidia's website
    2. O/C your 4100 if you want to
    3. push your evga 650ti to the max overclock
    4. turn off AA and msaa
    5. assassin's creed 3 seems to be running fine it's a budget card don't expect it to cure cancer
    6. i have the 650ti evga ssc 1gb as well and i get the same fps as assassin's creed, but idk about Armageddon
  2. 4100 is a really cruddy processor, average speed is usually about 12-14Gflops(For comparison, Phenom runs around 30Gflops average, and high end hex cores can run up to 160Gflops, such as the 3930k and 3960x), which is SLOW(Should have gotten the Phenom 965 BE X4, it destroys even the FX-8350 in 2-4 threaded applications, like gaming, and really only loses at heavily threaded applications, cheaper too)

    650 is a good card but it's a cheap card, 30-60FPS on AC3 is normal. You can try to overclock it, but considering it's already overclocked, it won't help much.

    You can try to OC the 4100 but the 4100 and the FX series in general are very anti-OC, they tend to BSOD at even the smallest multipliers.(Well maybe not the lower end ones, but you can't overclock them to near Intel speeds).

    Your system is working perfectly.

    Good luck!
  3. i think your problem is your graphics card. you said you have the evga gtx 650 not the 650 ti.
    the 650 is much weaker then 650 ti so it would obviously struggle to run latest games like AC3 on high settings. so the frame rates you are getting is perfectly normal. get a better video carD if you want more performance
  4. Your graphics card is the problem. Get a decent new one for $200, the 660's pretty much the same as the Sapphire Radeon HD 7850, and the Radeon cards cheaper. The 660 is gonna give you less FPS in most games than the Radeon card, but if it does yield more, its gonna be 5 FPS at max. Anyways, get the MSI Radeon 7850 Power Edition, it's got the Twin Frozr IV cooler, which is a popular MSI cooler design which cools more efficiently than most coolers. The Power Edition and the Twin Frozr III Editions have the same price at the moment, it may increase/decrease, but I'd rather go with the Power Edition since it has a higher level Twin Frozr cooler and it focuses on more graphical power than cooling, but the cooling is still amazing.
    Your CPU is not bottlenecking anything...... yet....... it should do just fine. You may want to upgrade in the future if you're planning on doing more things at once.
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