I can't figure it out!

Hey everyone,

I've built my computer from scratch. My specs (as of 2 weeks ago) were as follows:

Windows 7
Intel Quad Core 3.4 GHz
GeForce GT 220 Video Card
APEVIA ATX-CB700W 700W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply - OEM
Wireless connection using NetGear WNDA3100v2 wireless card.

Well I just got some new games (The Secret World being one of them) and I wanted to get a better graphics card now that I can afford one. With the 220, I had to have everything on the lowest settings and it lagged out pretty badly. So I figured that since the video card was not supported for the game, I should get a better one.

Well last week I got the new video card in (everything else in my specs were not changed). The video card is the MSI N560GTX-Ti 448 Twin Frozr III PE/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 448 Cores (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card.

After installing this card, Skyrim ran beautifully at the highest settings. I tried Fallout 3 and it was kinda laggy, but not too bad. I tried my Sims 3 games and it was even worse! I even tried lowering the settings and it was still pretty bad. Trying to play Rift or The Secret World with my fiance was impossible! I installed the latest drivers and even tried uninstalling the audio drivers and nothing.

I'm wondering if it's because I'm on wireless and not on a direct connection. Especially since we have a few people in my house and they ALL use their iPhones constantly or are on the Wii and watching NetFlix.

But then I thought, well why are the offline games (besides Skyrim and FO3) laggy as well.

Is my CPU not fast enough? Do I not have enough fans cooling the system down (there are 2 fans on the VC itself and then I have 2 other fans running as that is all my MB will support (even though my case has 4 fans just in itself - which btw does anyone know how I can hook the rest up?) and therefore the system is overheating?

I've been racking my brain for days now and have therefore just decided to reinstall my old VC and see if I can handle it that way. It's sadly not as bad as the newer VC :(

Thank you all in advance for your help and I hope I can get this resolved!
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  1. Can no one help me with this? 27 views and no one knows?
  2. Well if the system is as you say "laggy" when playing offline and online games then that leads me to believe it's not a network bandwith issue. Your Windows 7 is 32-bit or 64-bit? Does your system all of your available RAM? When you're playing a game take a look at task manager and see what might be utilizing your CPU and memory. You're going to have to do some troubleshooting to figure this out so i would start with that.
  3. If your CPU was overheating it would have done that on the previous card, so that's not a possibility (though still check it out, download a program called Core Temp and see how hot it gets).

    To connect case fans, plug them into the 3-pin fan headers on the motherboard (Should be labeled with something like "CHA_FAN" on the mobo, typically found on the bottom right corner or above the CPU). Or get some 3-pin to Molex adapters and plug them straight to the PSU (they will run full speed at all times though).

    I also doubt the CPU being a bottleneck.

    Can you send a link to the PSU and a rough guess of how old it is? Its just that someone came on the forum recently who had a 600W PSU that couldn't put out half that on the 12v rail, so that may be the issue.
  4. usually when you install games it installs files for your specific GPU, or configs the ini file for your GPU (depending on game).

    when you install a new GPU some games wont be as picky (depending on depandancies etc) so they work fine, others you will have to reinstall due to incorrect config or missing files.

    so to sum up - uninstall the laggy games and reinstall them - should sort it out. if not, uninstall all graphics drivers (using dev. manager and uninstallers for programs) and reinstall them as well.

    Good luck
  5. On-line games sharing a wireless connection ? Not good. You made no mention of drivers and if you updated them ? I have 2 ATI 5850's in X-Fire. Identical GPU's made by 2 different companies. If I even swap slots I get all kinds of driver havoc and have to update drivers all over again. Weird, ha ? Start with the drivers. After uninstalling the old ones. I have an AMD BE II 965 at 3.9 ghz and with them 2 cards Crysis 2 is still a little laggy at maximum everything, which isn't worth the eye candy hit to game play. I backed off the max settings and the game is still beautiful and plays great.
  6. trying hooking your computer up to your router with an ethernet cable first before doing all those installing-uninstalling stuff all over again. I was playing on a wireless connection before and IT IS LAGGY.. but when I finally hooked it up to the router, all the lag is gone. I suggest you try that first which should also be a simpler troubleshoot.
  7. did you have the lucid thinggy ? had a similar Issue like yours and found out that lucid mvp was the culprit
  8. First off, thank you all for your responses, it's really appreciated!

    neieus - It's 64-Bit and yes it's using all the available RAM. I always close processes in my Task Manager that doesn't need to be used at the current time. Thanks for the suggestions!

    manofchalk - I'm going to go get Core Temp now. Thanks! As far as the case fans, I have 2 of them hooked up to the MB but there are still 2 others that I can't hook up as there are only 3 fan hookups on the MB (including the CPU fan). Sorry, I don't think I clarified that lol Is there any way to add the rest? Here's a link to the PSU that I have:


    hilltopmonk - I may try this before I send the VC back to NewEgg. I really want this card to work, but if I can't then I'm just gonna have to either see if it's the card and get a replacement or get a different one. Thank you for the tip, I'm most definitely gonna try it!

    tjc1937 - I did actually mention that I had updated the drivers and that I had uninstalled the HD Audio drivers that install with it. I did this because I read that the audio drivers cause conflict with some games and so I use the MB audio. I hope that didn't sound snotty, cause I didn't mean it to be. I played around with the drivers till my head felt like it was going to explode lol Thank you for the tip, though, I really wish that was it!

    najirion - I've thought about that, and usually it would be a simpler solution. In my case however I'd have to have the cable company run a line and pay out some money to do so since I'm upstairs and the router is downstairs. I really would like to have a direct line though since everyone connects to everything wireless in this house lol Thanks for the tip!

    diablo_primo - No, I don't, but thanks!
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