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Ive just put my 2nd build together and everything went well. i had it all together and plugged it into the wall and everything started up, lit up and ran like any other computer ive had or built. so i was fairly happy at that point so i took it up to my room to start install my OS and all my drivers. but with my luck, when i plugged it in i turned it on but i got no display. i first thought it was my video card and it not being ready for hdmi so i tried a vga to dvi adapter to a dvi port on another tv but still no display. and yes im not stupid, ive made sure it was on the right hdmi video input and the right pc video input. i dont have a motherboard speaker so i cant diagnose with beeps. ive tried my video card in a different PCIe port but still nothing, Ive tried my ram stricks all all different configurations like taking one out or moving them around. still nothing. i did the whole wiping my ram sticks on a micro fiber cloth and that didnt work. i also unplugged every un-needed thing like the fans, leds, ect. but still nothing will work. any help?

My setup is:
mobo: Gigabyte GA 970A DS3
cpu: amd am3+ fx 6100 6 core 3.3ghz
psu: LSP 700w ultra sleeved/heat shrink cables
memory: komputerbay 16gb(2x 8gb) ram
video card: msi radeon hd 7750 1gb ddr5
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  1. the system started fine 1 time then you moved it and now it doesn't work anymore?
    did something change from when it worked?
    can u take it back to where it was and see if it works there?
  2. Is the gpu powering up? You should see the fan move. You may have a bad gpu. Its hard to say unless you have another one to test with.
  3. no everything still turns on and runs everytime i plug it in and turn it on, just never gets signal to monitor/tv. and yes the gpu is starting the fans spin and you can tell it gets alittle warn but nothing abnormal. im just concerned that my motherboard is fried and im going to have to dish out another $100 bucks
  4. Have you tried reseting bios settings with the jumper?
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