AMD Driver issue

for some reason I cannot update my drivers for my video card.

when I go to Catalyst it says thete my current driver is 09.7.

I then hit the update button and it suggest that i update to 12.4, but nothing happens when i do that, it stays at 09.7

I have also tried to uninstall the driver, and download 12.4 from AMD homepage, and install it that way, but it still says it is the 09.7 driver.

I have a radeon HD 4850, and I thougt that maybe that could be the reason.

PLZ help :)
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  1. This is a problem with AMD themselves. For some reason their 12.4 driver will not update the version number, though the driver itself is updated. It happens to a lot of people. Most are hoping that version 12.6 will fix the issue.

    If you absolutely want to update the version number, try downloading an older driver. Start with 12.3 and go back until it works.
  2. ok, thanks!

    not surprised that it was a problem with AMD.

    can't wait to get rid of that card and get a Nvidia instead!
  3. prob a 660 or 660TI, depends on performance and price....

    not exactly rich, so a 670 is just too expensive....
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