Computer randomly restarts when playing games


So I have the following:

Gigabyte UP7 motherboard
Intel i7 3770k
Corsair Hydro H100 Cooler
32GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz RAM
Gigabyte GTX680 SOC
Cosmos II Case
Corsair 1200w pro series PSU
Alot of high rps fans connected all over

The issue is when my PC is idling or when I watch series or browse etc, all is fine. When i play games like Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, GTA IV etc it randomly shuts down and starts up again. I suspected heating issues so got HWMon and ran furmark. My GPU got into the 80 degrees celcius but nothign happened, all was fine. My CPU never goes higher than 40 and my case temp never goes higher than 50, yet it keeps restarting. I suspected software, but no errors in system or application log in event viewer.

Any ideas\help?

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  1. I would have suspected heat stress also but it could also be memory related or OC settings if you are OC'eing anything. Run memcheck for your memory and run the system at default settings for all hardware and see if the issue continues. If that fails it could be power supply related although it looks like you have sufficient power but I have had good power supplies fail also.
  2. Try another PSU and run memtest.
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