Best PSU and wattage for my rig

So I'm just about done building my AMD rig, I've already got the important parts but I have one question, How much wattage do I need???
HD 7950
P.S. The 8320 is for overclocking. So I need to find out how much I actually need, not OC-ing RAm or GPu, just CPU.
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  1. Any decent 500W PSU should be fine. Make sure you get a well known brand!
  2. I've heard the power draw of the 8320 could reach about 400 on full load while OC'd, is that really viable?
  3. Hi :)

    As said...any decent make 500...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. ANd this guy is talking about brands, what brands are good?
    I was gonna go for a 650w Seasonic PSU
  5. Seasonic, Corsair, BeQuiet. Best thing to do is look on
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