560 screen tear

I have an ASUS DIRECTCU II TOP 925mhz 560gtx.
I just recently started noticing, that when i play rift or bf3 or even watch dr house with vlc media player i have screen tearing and little stuttering.

I have an fx-8120 @ 3.8ghz
2x4gb 1600mhz ddr3
ssd 90gb corsair force gt
corsair gs600

So, whats the fix ?
I tried downclocking the cpu to 3.1ghz and gpu to 810mhz and ram to 1333mhz, didnt help.
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  1. Could be the monitor. Also turning Vsync in games will help with screen tearing. You can also try turning up your refresh rate on the monitor.
  2. refresh rate on the monitor is 60hz and when i turn on vsync the fps gets locked at 30fps and then its even more stuttery.
    also i tried on a different monitor and i still have tearing
  3. oaky now i turned on vsync and i go to rift, fps is constant at 59-60 but my screen is still tearing...i could even see the tearing/stuttering in furmark ....

    somethings not right
  4. anyone ? suggestions ?
  5. What kind if monitor do you have?
  6. samsung syncmaster p2350 23" 1920x1080
  7. Okay take a read on the discussion here:

    It's mainly due to the graphics card and monitor that doesn't sync. The only way is to vsync and triple buffer the game, if they have the options. Some people don't mind it, while some others do. Also,could be how the game was optimized.
  8. do i have to turn on vsync AND triple buffering then ?
  9. Yes, if you don't want much screen tear.
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