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When I shut down my samsung laptop , the power light satys on , screen goes off, no sound from fan or anyhting, but it deos use its battery because after around four hours light goes off,, and without charging cannot open. If i want to really shutdown have to press the button and hold for few seconds. when restart it completely shutsdown but does not restart. Its just around 3 months old. I cannot remove its battery, got inbuilt battery.What could be the problem , tried all possible things using windows help and internet. I have windows 7 installed.!!
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  1. When you just click the power button, it sounds like your just putting the pc into sleep mode. When you hold it down for a few seconds, your doing a hard shut down which is really hard on the PC components, especially the hard drive. Just click start and then click on Shut down.
  2. I have the same problem with mine as of today but there is no sound the screen is blank and the blue light for power is on as is the lights at the front. Was on battery power and is only few weeks old. I logged off both users and clicked shut down from menu. How do i turn it off fully? There was a CD in the driver but I took that out just before shut down. We are running Windows 8. Please help....
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