PC not booting

2.5 year old pc (i5 750 (1156), gigabyte p55 ud3 rev1, gtx260, ocz mod-x stream pro 600w)

i was making something to eat, came back, monitor had no signal
when booting the phase leds on the mobo all light up and stay that way, no beep, no post screen, mobo just keeps running and does _not_ reboot after a couple of minutes

i over-volted my gpu slightly (<15mV) about 2 weeks ago because it had driver-crashes sometimes, had no problems with it since
trying with a friends gpu which to his knowledge should work produces the same result (though the other gpus fan starts spinning at a high %, while mine is at the default 40% if that should mean something)

tried 3 different ram sticks (different models), booting with only 1 stick -> no change
took apart the pc, re-set the cpu in its socket -> no change
let cmos battery discharge a few min and put it back in -> no change

so i'm thinking cpu/mobo/psu, gonna borrow a friends psu later and try with that, if nothing changes, any suggestions? i could take the cpu to a pc store and let them see if it works, which ofc comes at a cost so i want to narrow it down as far as possible before i do it
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  1. Take out the cmo's for a couple of minuets and change the ram.
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