Amd hd 7770: which is better?

I am building a new gaming build, and I cant decide which version of the amd hd 7770 I should get. On one hand, asus has a very nice 7770 just released which has 2 GB of video ram. This could be important for using dual cards at 1080p resolution. on the other hand, sapphireis coming out wwith a full silence ultimate 7770, with a heatsink as big as a 7950. given that I have 2 case fans blowing on the slots for the video cards, the silent ones would run cooler (due to far larger heatsink), but asus ones have 2 GB of ram......
which would be better?

games I plan on running:
battlefield 3 ultra settings
arma 3
crysis 1/2/3
sins of a solar empire (lulz)
mass effect 1/2/3 ultra settings
skyrim ultra settings
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  1. If you are not planning on upgrading, get the 2GB version. Very helpful when playing graphic intensive games and high resolutions.
  2. agree with above, if your dead on stuck with the card and dont want to upgrade, go for 2gb version. though i wouldnt really want to use a mid 100s card for max resolution in heavy gaming
  3. true. the problem is that the 7850 is a bit too expensive right now (budget is $150)
    my power supply has 2 6 pin connectors, and I really don't want to replace it, as I just bought it a month ago.
    if the 7850 was about $200, i'd probably go for it....
  4. also where did you get the information on the silent version of the 7770 for sapphire. I mean, sapphire JUST released the Vapor-X OC edition for the 7770
  5. i vote for ASUS 7770 :D
  6. I just bought this XFX Double D model: and I am very pleased with it. I play mostly older games, and can't justify spending $250 on a HD7850 that would mostly go to waste. This card is quiet, sips juice despite its OC, and performs very well.
    You will not play all the games you list at 1080p using "Ultra" settings, but you will play them all with "Good" settings, and could add a second HD7770 for Crossfire that in many cases could provide a huge improvement (i.e. GTX570-level performance).
  7. true......
    thinking of getting 2gb asus 7770 now, crossfire later in micro atx mobo and quad core 3.7ghz cpu, 8gb of 2133 mhz ram, win.
    ill have to get a new monitor too, but now i think ill just get a 1440x900 monitor, instead of 1920x1080.
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