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Just purchased a new laptop and even though it is a cheap laptop, I'm very disappointed with its CPU's performance, It is a "AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 1650 two cores", as i don't know the difference between a CPU and APU, I don't know what i should or shouldn't buy for example can i just buy a cpu or do i have to purchase another apu.

My laptop is a Advent Monza E1 so i would be grateful if anyone can help me find a replacement cpu to improve performance.

thanks for reading.
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  1. laptops arent like desk tops

    you cant just upgrade the processor--some are soldered in--or the bios wont support a faster processor

    even if you could just stick a faster proceesor in it

    it would generate more heat which its not designed to dissapte
  2. It is not practical to replace the APU or overclock it. There are a couple of things that can be done to improve performance, though.

    Make sure that Windows is configured for performance otherwise it will be running unimportant tasks at the same time. Then confirm that youf memory is running at the rated speed using the Vision Control Centre under Hardware.

    If there is only one memory module in the system then adding another can also improve speed. Using readyboost can also help with a slow laptop hard drive.

    Even with all that an E-450 won't run a modern game at high resolution and 60 frames per second. It will however run most of them at low resolution and low settings at 15 - 30 fps which some people find playable. If you want much better speed then you will need one of those alien made laptops.
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