Screen Flicker When Using 3D Applications

Just uppgraded to a Geforce GTX 670 and I notice a very mild screen flicker when I am in 3D applications. I never noticed this problem before, I had a Geforce GTX 550 Ti prior. I am using a vga cable with a vga to DVI adapter to connect to the graphics card because it does not have a vga socket. Any idea why I would be experiencing this issue? Could it be the adapter? Should I just get a VGA to DVI cable, or a VGA to HDMI cable? Would that be beneficial? Thanks for any help guys.

Here are my specs:

OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows (Service Pack 1)

CPU TYPE:Intel® Core? i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz







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  1. In general, I think the problem is using VGA. As a possible fix, you may want to tighten the adapter. Or check on any loose ports/plugs. It wouldn't matter if you get either cable because it will use the same signal.
  2. Hmm, I disconnected and reconnected the cable and adapter, but the problem still seems to persist.
  3. This forum post does a great job of outlining the problem I am having.

    Just wanted to clarify. Thanks for any help guys.
  4. How about your temps?
  5. I have the same issue with my GTX 680. It seems to be likely that the cause possibly has to do with Nvidia. I get weird shadow effects that tend to flicker and flash when I play Skyrim. I am about to contact them and let them know this is happening with some people. A driver update ought to do the trick.
  6. My GPU Temp is around 50 Celsius while running games, and probably about 30 while nothing is running.
  7. Bump
  8. Are you running a CRT? What is your refresh rate set to?

    What inputs does your monitor have?
  9. My apologies, but I'm not sure what a CRT is. My refresh rate is 60hz, I am unable to change it in the display settings. By inputs do you mean things like VGA? If so, it only has a VGA input.
  10. CRT is Cathode Ray Tube. Basically, it's old style monitor with thick glass and being very long in depth. Like this one:

    On the contrary, new monitors are all LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), they are thin:

    Also, do you know the model of your monitor?
  11. Oh ok, thanks for clarifying. It is an Acer S230HL, an LCD Monitor.
  12. Found your model documentation.

    It says your monitor should have a DVI input:

    Are you sure it doesn't have it?

    If it does have it, I'd recommend getting a DVI cable - it should fix the flicker issue. VGA port is analog port, which means that it's subjective to electric and magnetic fields, which, if strong in the environment, may hinder the signal.

    Something cheap like this will do:
  13. Hmm, yeah it only has a VGA input. Would I benefit from removing the adapter and buying a VGA to DVI cable? Could the adapter be causing this problem?
  14. A bad adapter COULD cause such an issue. If you have a spare cable would be good to try. Also, could you post a photo of back of your monitor? Google says it should look like this:

    I have a hard time believing LCD monitor, especially 23" one would not have a digital (non vga) port.
  15. It looks identical to that picture, but with no DVI port. Very bizarre. Perhaps this is a slightly older model? Not sure. Also is there any difference between using a VGA to DVI cable or a VGA to HDMI cable? Would one be better quality than the other?
  16. wow, so it doesn't have a dvi or hdmi port.
  17. Okay that's very strange.

    Generally, DVI to VGA cable should be less expensive, though the signal they both carry is the same. Just get which ever is cheaper.
  18. Picked up a DVI to VGA cable, but it didn't seem to help. The problem seems to be somewhat inconsistent. There will be times where the flicker is quite noticeable and other instances where I can hardly see it at all. Could this be related to my power source? Could the graphics card not be getting the necessary power?
  19. The power source could be a possibility. Or it could be a signal issue.
  20. What do you mean by signal issue?
  21. the conversion of the vga to hdmi/dvi. Because it's analog to digital or vice versa.
  22. I see, I am curious about that as well. I'll see if I can my hands on another monitor with different inputs. Any other thoughts on what could be causing this problem?
  23. Could the flickering be caused by a faulty graphics card?
  24. That's also possible. I'd suggest you try the card on another computer and test the same application.
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