Xfx radeon 6950 2x6 pin PCIe. NO splitters. is this a splitter?

I have an XFX 6950 2gb. Long story short, It requires 2 PCIe 6 pin connectors for power. My power supply is "SLI and Crossfire" capable.

My PSU is modular but has a bunch of little 4 inch cables coming out of it that the rest of the cables can connect to if you need them. Only one of the little cables is labeled as "PCI-e" but the one that connects to it is thick and branches into 2 seperate 6 pin connectors.

The Vid card comes with instructions to use 2 individual PCIe cables to plug into the back of the GPU and not a "splitter". The power supply manual seems to suggest that this cable does indeed count as 2.

I have read else where on a few other posts that this cable I have doesnt count as a splitter. some one had stated to another poster that

"Those are not splitters, the PCIe connectors just happen to come in bundles of two. You can safely use one bundle with one card."

Is that true in my situation? Can anyone else attest to this? I have my whole rig assembled here and am waiting on an answer to this before I can see if it all works.

I would think that because the PSU is "crossfire friendly" that this cable was intended to work as two individual cables, and thusly would function in my one card.

Here is the link to the power supply I have.

and just in case, the link to the GPU
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  1. Raidmax makes terrible power supplies..I hope it doesnt blow up when you plug your new card in.
  2. power supply description says 2 6+2 connectors. What's the problem. It'll work.
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    You will be fine. Go ahead and plug it in and boot. Even if it didn't deliver enough power to the card it wouldn't damage it, it just wouldn't work.
  4. I will try it out then. As long as it won't damage the card.

    And swifty, the problem is that the 2 6+2 connectors are contained on the SAME cable, and it "splits off" so to speak, rather than having two full complete independent cables from start to finish.

    I just wanted to make sure this was complying with the cards instructions to not use a splitter cable.
  5. i will be fine if they come off the psu that way, although i would replace your psu asap though raidmax are sh!t
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