My usb is write protected how to remove

i cant format my usb because it is write protected
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  1. First, if it's an SD or other flash memory card (from a digital camera, for example) then make sure its write-protect switch is set to allow writes:

    If that doesn't solve the problem, then check to make sure that writing to USB devices isn't disabled in the Registry.
  2. i cant still format my micromax usb drive it still saying that the disk is write protected..any one can help me about this trouble???
  3. look in printers and devices for your device
    if it has a yellow triangle with exclamation mark
    remove device and its entry should disapear
    see if another device entered into usb port gives same result
    PS: May I mention I dont know much about computers but am working on a problem which may be similar to yours hence this reply
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