The 600t White SE case, extra cooling in order?

This is the build I am buying today:
1) GPU: Asus 670GTX DC2T
2) CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Box
3) Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
4) Case: Corsair CC600TWM-WHT Graphite Special Edition
5) PSU: Corsair AX 850W Gold Active PFC 12cm Fan Modular
6) RAM: 2X8GB G.Skill Ripjaw-X DDR3 1600Mhz
7) CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D14
8)SSD: Crucial Solid Series 256GB CT256M4SSD2 SSD
9)DVD drive: Sony Optiarc AD-7280S DVD±RW x24 Black Sata

Number (4) is the case, as you can see on this review
Should I buy extra cooling fans?
Do I need to swap the top fan so I can insert the Noctua CPU cooler? This can be an issue although no-one have yet to tell me this.

Personally Im hoping I can just get this rig going without messing with the new/swaping fans and changing airflows.. I heard this case is fairly cool as it is, but I need confirmation.
Thanks alot.
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  1. The case isnt the issue with the build., you wont be able to fit in the Noctua with that RAM. Ripjaws X is high profile which will no doubt conflict with the massive heatsink(s) on the Noctua. You need low profile RAM.

    What are you using the PC for? The 16GB of RAM indicates an editing rig but the lack of a HDD and the i5 tell me otherwise. The 850W PSU is also pointless, as even with dual cards you wont need more than 750W. SSD is also very large, I am having trouble filling my 128GB.

    If the review is correct, most likely you will need to move that top 200mm fan. Though I would suggest the HAF-XM, its $50 cheaper and just as good.
  2. Damn, everyone so far told me that it will fit with the ram. I started by getting Corsair vegeance, but people told me get the gskill for lower profile.

    I hope I don't have to change the 200 mm fan... its better this way..

    The build is for heavy gaming. I went with 16 gb of ram because I can afford it (the difference isn't that big) and I rather have 2x8 to leave room for more..

    What is the difference between this ram you shown me and the one I noted?
  3. Hey great :) I just found a comment saying you can fit the Noctua to the motherboard and then fit the motherboard to the case..

    its in the middle, so I guess I'm good?

    EDIT: actually this guy says "theres plenty of toom to fit the Noctua, no worries" so I guess I can start by placing the motherboard in the case.

    I get the mobo and case today and everything else besides the RAM and the CPU itself.
  4. This thread suggests that this ram will fit ::
    what do you think?
  5. Ripjaws X is 40mm high, while Ares is 33mm high. Seems small but its the difference between fitting RAM under the heatsink.
    Its also 4x4GB instead of 2x8GB, you will never need 32GB on a gaming rig (or atleast not until this system is well and truly outdated).

    Thats with a 212 EVO or 212+, much smaller than the Noctua. And if you want to fill the slots, you will need low profile RAM on those ones as well.
  6. did you see the last thread I noted?
    I think it can fit now for sure.
    And why limiting myself? why go with 4X4 I thought 2X8 is better performance as well.
  7. Because on a gaming rig, you will never need 32GB, even 16GB is overkill (and if your running Win 7 64bit Home Premium, above 16GB wont even register in the OS). The performance difference between 2 sticks and 4 sticks is minimal at worst.
  8. I can't get the Ares, I just can't. Here in Israel.... can't find it, you think it will work with the Ripjaws now?
  9. Well about the 850Wat, I rather spend the few extra bucks to get it, just to be safe. if in the future I will SLI and possibly oc just being safe. And yeah, I try go only SSD for gaming purposes..
  10. Would have helped to tell me that at the start wouldn't it?

    Corsair low profile is another option

    Mushkin Blackline

    Corsair XMS

    All of them are low profile.
  11. whats the difference between the two corsair? which is better?
  12. Both are the same spec wise, just the LP are the more premium model. So you might be able to overclock it, looks a bit better, etc. They should perform identically.
  13. you mean the XMS are better? Isee if I can get it, but I don't think I can
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