Is AMD radeon 7670M with 2GB graphics, best for gaming?

i recently saw a laptop from HP with core I3, 2nd gen , 4gb ram and AMD radeon 7670M 2GB graphics card, so tel me is this the best laptop for gaming, because it costs be around 36000 , which is my budget?? or else is there a more better option than this one????
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  1. 36000 WHAT ?
  2. that means around 700$
  3. umar67 said:
    that means around 700$

    Hi :)

    Then the answer is no...add another $1000 plus for a good GAMING laptop...or preferably build a gaming Pc...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Don't get caught up in the amount of RAM the graphics card (VRAM) has because it is limited by the resolution. 512MB of VRAM is fine for 1366x768 resolution. 1GB is fine for up to 1920x1200 resolution. 2GB of VRAM is really not necessary until you hit 2560x1440 resolution.

    Of course the higher the resolution, the more powerful the graphics card needs to be to maintain performance. The Radeon HD 7670m is a decent mainstream graphic card for a laptop. In general, it should give you pretty decent performance with medium graphic settings @ 1366x768 resolution for games that are not very demanding. However, for graphically demanding games like Hitman Absolution, Alan Wake, Battlefield 3 and Metro 2033 you need to lower your expectations.
  5. thats an ok graphic card, but wont play new games on high, id def consider getting something a little higher such as a gtx 660m, since for 100$ more or 150$ u can get a better laptop with this graphic card, my advice shop around and find the best deal.
  6. since i am limited to my budget,,,so can u suggest a best gaming laptop that would cost me around 750$ at max,
  7. Personally, get yourself a good computer (desktop)..
    I would use to customize something cheap
    and well at use.
    For about $600 you can get a really strong gaming computer w/ mouse&keyboard
    and if you need to , add a monitor for about $90-$170.

    They are really dependable on shipping and et cetera.
    They even have laptops there for good prices, but they can give you a decent
    cooling system with your computer.
    (I highly suggest this site for customizing a good gaming computer)
  8. alright, where do u live first, than i can find u a cheaper laptop :) thanks
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