Power Requirement for Asus GTS450

Hey i have installed a Asus GTS450 to pc recently
but im using old (non Branded) psu 450w Max
its working ok but i want to know is it safe to use this psu or have to go for new 1

Intel I5 2400k 3.10 Processor
Intel D61 Motherboard
DVD Writer

im using this mostly for games

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  1. Your power supply has enough wattage, but is the quality good enough?

    It's always good to upgrade to reliable power supply if you have money for it. Thing is, non branded power supplies tend to have cheap components inside them and if they fail, they may damage other components. However, quality power supplies from reliable brands tend to provide protection from high current, high voltage, and failing. That means, even if it fails, it will not damage your other components.

    Read this:
  2. ^+1

    400w (non-generic) should be enough for GTS450
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