I3 2100 vs g860 Gaming


minor differeneces in most 4 threaded games... so for less than half the price the G860 is a great purchase..copled with H61 MB an GTX560Ti/650Ti

Then after a while after new sockets/CPU come in play I may swap easily or just buy a SH I5 2400/2500 at some low 100 buckish price, because for now.

115 USD is a G860Kit vs 230-250usd same H61 but I5 2500
I can save that money for later to buy a great cpu and still have this as a backup, since I have a lot of games since 2006 I haven't played.


I don't see even FAR CRY 3 to go under 35-40FPS with ther CPUs at 1080p
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  1. I think that if your budget is limited that the Intel® Core™ i3-2100 or the Intel Pentium® G860 are very good options. However if you are going to invest in a new system right now I wouldn't plan for a back up CPU, however I would focus on getting the best CPU after I got the best video card that I could get.
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