H100i cases?

Looking for cases that can fit the H100i radiator, preferably under $160
Any suggestions?
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  1. I used the Corsair Graphite 600TM and mounted the Corsair H100's radiator to the top of the case. I am about to build another system with the Corsair Carbide 400R and you can mount the H100 the same way with that system.
  2. is there a way to add more fans to the radiator for push pull and even additional fans on those fans for more cooling? I saw on overclock3d that adding more fans to the radiator lowers the temps extremely
  3. push pull will cool a bit better--but it wont lower the temps extremely

    as for a fan on top of a fan--that wont work properly for various reasons and will make more noise
  4. I like the Cooler Master 912, it's cheap and it works.

    Look at this for compatibility.
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