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Greetings, I just want some opinions if the system I built will be good for 3-4 years before upgrading as this is my first attempt of building one by myself.

Asus Sabertooth z77
Intel i5 2500k
Gskill Ripjaws X 4x2GB PC 10666 cl9
Gtx 550 Ti Sonic ( SLI )
Seasonic M12ii 620w
1440x900 lcd
razer lycosa
roccat kone +
mechanical drives for now, planning on Raid0 ssd with hdd few months from now

I play games but don't care if its ultra settings or medium. as long as the game plays smoothly
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  1. why go SLI? just buy an equivalent single card.
    all other components seem good, throw in a good air cooler or a closed loop water cooler for overclocking that beast of a CPU
  2. I would recommend going for a newer graphics card, and just one, so that you have the option of SLI of crossfire down the line when this starts to get old as well. I would recommend the gtx 670, or the HD 7950 3gb. As far as RAM goes, it is the biggest bottleneck for your SSD as far as I am aware, so I would recommend switching to 2*4gb 1600mhz g skill ripjaws. RAM is dirt cheap, so you could go for even more if you want, and you have the option of upgrading again in the future. The i5 is a great processor, but depending what the prices are like near you, it might be worth going for the i5 3570k instead. If you want to SLI in the future, I don't know about your PSU, but I would recommend about 750W, just to be safe on the power side. Also, if you haven't already got that 1440*900 monitor, definitely go for a 1920*1080, or you will regret it immensely.
  3. The MoBo and CPOU are top end...which makes the rest of the build a bit unbalanced.

    RAM - this low voltage set will ease the load on your memory controller and is higher performance

    The 550 is just below here things start to get fun...... and I'd be more likely to recommend an AMD card in this price range. Options I'd recommend:

    Twin 560 Ti's for about $440

    One GTX 670 for $430

    Wait two weeks and see how the 660 Ti looks

    I'd want to upgrade the PSU a bit.....

    HX850 is you gonna be looking for every last bit of overclocking performance from twin GPUs and CPU
    TX750 V2 or XFX Core Edition 750 if moderately overclocking

    Drop the RAID idea, gamers have been chasing that holy grail for 20 years and no one's gotten there.

    And Id upgrade the monitor to HD resolution .... 1920 x 1200 preferred or 1920 x 1080.
  4. Thanks guys for the inputs, Id definitely keep that in mind the 550 ti's was a recent buy (last month) which I regret 2 weeks after haha... I'll probably get a 670 next year when the price here in my country lowers down as the computer parts here (Philippines) are somewhat more expensive than in the US and newegg and most major computer hardware parts store doesn't ship to the Philippines one reason why it cost more here no major competitors for the local retailers, not really planning on OC'ing. As for the SSD's I'm still apprehensive on going full SSD not sure if those will last the same as a mechanical drives that is why I wanted to do a raid0 to use the SSD as cache so it will give enough speed for the HDD, and for the cooling I quit water cooling a long time ago (bad experience) I'm sticking to regualr air cool the case is a 2nd hand cooler master with 2 fans at top 1 front 2 sides and 1 back all are 120mm deep cool brand. Also If anyone can suggest a good aftermarket VGA cooler for the Palit GTX 550 Ti that will fit in a SLI configuration will be appreciated, ( preferably low 60 usd ) for the LCD I'm switching to 1920x1200 most likely next week (when the Army gives me my money... "sigh".....) and hopefully this will make it good for the next 3 or 4 years before a major upgrade.
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