Call of Duty MW3


I am thinking about buying a EVGA GeForce GTX 550

So my questions are:
1. is this a good card? (for gaming) you recommend it? (why)
3. how well will i be able to run COD MW3

(I have win 7 Intel i3 3.1 Ghz processor 64-bit and 4 GB RAM
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    you mean GTX 550ti yes, it is good card and you can maxed out the MW3, how about GTX 560ti it is much better.
  2. How much money do you have to spend on a card?
  3. MW3 can be maxed out by any mid range. card from the last 3 years or more probably.

    It is not a demanding game at all. My GTX295 maxed out MW2 and Black Ops at over 100FPS.

    And that it would just cap and float at the frame rate never saw it go higher than a certain frame rate.
  4. I have 180$ dollars (from a gift card) on amazon however, i want to buy another couple of stuff so my budget is (im being very exact) 139.61.

    Also, thank you for the answers!
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