Low fps on Battlefield 3 using hd4770

Hello,i am getting low fps on battlefield 3 especially after update 1.04.This is my system specs:
• OS:=Windows 7 Ultimate x64
• Processor: Inter Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz
• Graphic card: Ati radeon hd 4770
• Graphics card memory: 512 MB
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  1. At what resolution and what settings do u play it?
  2. What do you expect, you have a old dual core cpu and a old low end graphics card with only 512mb Vram.
  3. Agreed. See if your board can support the Q88xx chips or Q9550 and search around (ebay, Amazon, google etc) and install one of those if you want something cheap. Also a good option is a FX4100 for 99 dollars. You can see deals like this all the time, and this is good enough to play BF3, combined with a 6870 (now 179) should be pretty good on a budget.


    I had a E8500 Dual Core and noticed that performance hit with a 4870 in BF Bad Company 2 - Purchased a Q9550 before they phased them out and its been no looking back.

    Most games now will need at least a Quad around 2.83-3.2 GHZ(recommended). That FX4100 chip is super cheap with the MB, You won't beat that price per performance ever. Its Almost as fast as the Q9550. If you spend the extra for a 6100 (6 core) it'll last even longer. Point is a budget to get what you want. a good playing experience.

    With a combination above, you would be able to achieve high detail with 1400*900 or 1600*900. That 6870 surprised me with Max Payne 3 as well, Ran smooth at 1080p with the CPU at stock speeds ( i only overclock if i need to )

    I snapped a 6950 (2 GB) on a special - As games are now requiring 1 GB to play at the recommended spec.
  4. kemperkipie said:
    At what resolution and what settings do u play it?

    I am playing on 1080p.Thanks for the replies guys,i am into it right now.
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