Need help choosing a video card

hi guys..

noob here, help me choose between

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB


EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

which of this is the great card? looking for performance and everything, its for gaming purposes.. im a little bit confuse with the numbers, just looking for the performance between this two cards that i will be buying as a birthday gift to myself along with a


rest of my specs is
Intel Core i3-2100
Kingston 4gb DDR3
FSP Group Everest 85PLUS 600W ATX
ASUS 24x DVD burner

thanks guys.
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  1. 7770 is faster, though not by much. Price after rebate is more or less the same so I'd the 7770.
  2. It's a tough call, I'd probably go with the 550ti. It's overclocked too, has a better warranty and better reviews. But the 7770 comes with a free game. It's a tossup.
  3. thats really my problem right now lol, with 7770 does not really use much power compare to the 550ti.. in the heirarchy chart 7770 is up by at least one step to the 550ti.. so whats the verdict guys?
  4. I'd go performance. $5 difference for more performance? Done.

    Only way I'd even consider the 550TI is if you needed CUDA for an app or if your favorite game happens to play better on that card.
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