Not sure which i7 Processor and Motherboard To Buy!

Well it appears I've hit a fork in the road lol. Anyway, I intend to spend some money on my PC and do a huge upgrade on the parts in it. Im currently running AMD hardware mostly but for the amount of editing, rendering, streaming, and professional HD graphics I'm doing, sometimes it puts a load on the processor. My friend told me to take a look into the i7 processor since it had better cache speed and supported PCI 3.0 better, but I'm not too entirely sure which one to get? I'm not too familiar with Intel tech since I've always been more of an "AMD" guy. Also please don't suggest the most expensive one. lol. I'm willing to spend a good amount since they are expensive but don't give me an extremely expensive one please. Here are my specs as of now and also a reccommendation for a motherboard to go with it would be great.

(If 600W isn't enough reccomend a decent amount of watts that'll cut it)

AMD Phenom ii x4 960T Black Edition
Thermaltake 600W TR2 Series Power Supply
MSI Mainboard 880G-E45
NVIDIA EVGA GeoForce 660ti Superclocked Edition 3GB GDDR5
Kingston Hyper Blu RAM 8GB
Seagate Barracuda HDD 1TB SATA 3Gb/s 700RPM Internal
Western Digital 250GB HDD External
Acer 22\" Monitor
Windows 7 Professional 32bit

P.S. My own processor has trouble keeping up with the graphics card. :/

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  1. Best answer (basic z77 board that will overclock your 3570k; some have more features; H77 or B75 chipset boards are a little cheaper, but won't overclock)
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