PSU whining in sli

hi there, i recently added another gtx 560ti to my system and when the graphic cards are at full load in games like planetside 2 the psu makes a whining noise. it isnt too loud and it only happens when running graphic intensive things.
it is definitely the cpu as i tested each of the gpu's individually and the problem only occurs when running both of them.
750w should be enough to power this system. anyway please help, should i rma my psu? or will the next one do the same thing? is the whining safe? will it eventually die?
the psu in question is the Antec True Power New Continous 750W Modular Power Supply (

here are the rest of my system specs

asrock z77 extreme 4
asus 560ti, gigabyte 560ti
8gb ram
1 optical drive
1 internal sd reader
4 fans
this is all thats plugged into my system
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  1. Then stop using SLI or replace your PSU before you burn it out!
    - The noise is normal as parts warm up but it shouldn't persist for long enough to be annoying.

    RMA your PSU if you can.
  2. this is could be the fan noise or a leak in the psu itself if you could try the rma to be safe.
  3. I've had it for less than 2 months so I think I should be able to rma it. I'll try doing that in the morning. But I just don't want to be without my PC, while my psu is away my PC will be useless....
  4. if you dont have a spare psu to at least work with one pci-e card you will have to whait for the rma to get back.
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