Is this a good Graphics Card?

It's just one question. I dunno much Zotac. But those numbers are pretty high.

I need to replace my XFX 7950 DD which had a coffee spill accident which stinks. Just gonna switch over to Nvidia from AMD since people are saying it's better (or whatever)

Let me know thanks. : )
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  1. I guess my real question is, who makes the best GTX 680 Card from Nvidia. :P
  2. Oh really? O__O 670 huh.. :P
  3. All manufacturers are going to be using the same GPU chip.

    You have to pick one based on preference. Look at the cooler and check out reviews for heat and noise, check out their warranty, read reviews for their customer service.

    Zotac is a fine brand, but the best is probably Asus.
  4. I just want something even more powerful than the XFX 7950 DD. Yeah i seen those Asus ones. I want to get a Mobo from them someday. Oh wow that EVGA is nice. it has more Effective Memory Clock lol
  5. Quote:
    I would go with a GTX 670 however, the cost of the 680 cannot justify it's performance vs the 670.


    You'll save money and be quite pleased with the performance.

    The Asus DirectCU II cards are really good in terms of build quality and cooling/noise performance
  6. Quote:

    This is the one you want, unless the ASUS comes back in stock. Then it's whether you want a blower or open-air cooler.
  7. Angelz said:
    I guess my real question is, who makes the best GTX 680 Card from Nvidia. :P

    To my mind, I think EVGA produces the best Nvidia cards.
    Good warranty and USA spport.

    Look for the factory overclocked superclocked or FTW models.

    EVGA likes to use dual slot direct exhaust type reference coolers. They get the heat directly out the back of the case.
    Other oem coolers do well on an open testbed, but in a case, they let hot gpu air into the case where it affects both gpu AND cpu cooling. That puts extra pressure on great case cooling.
  8. Will i notice a differ on that card you're showing me over the one i had? I mean... Even games like Sims 3 was still taking foreeeeeeeever to load on the XFX. i dunno if it's my computer itself. It has a 3.4 GHZ icore 7 2600 and 8GB of memory and..some dumb cheapo board made by ACER. lol. I have a Gateway FX 6850-51U with 1 PCI-E slot
  9. Yeah. Sims 3 is the ONLY game out of all the games i own that make it's fans go insane in the case. All other games like GTA4, Mw3, Tomb Raider Underworld and so on, don't do that. Weird right? Maybe it's just cause it's modded i dunno. I'll have to play without mods sometime. I've never been a fan of Graphic Cards with only 1 fan. But hey, if you say that's the best then i'll go with your word. : )
  10. All GPUs with that reference design are going to be loud when the fan spins up.

    Get one with an aftermarket cooling design if you are worried about noise.
  11. Okay, i'll get it Recon thanks. ^^

    And thanks again Blade. I appreciate all the help you all gave me. :)
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  13. Not if you bump the fan up. They are quiet because they are cool, the fans don't need to spin up at stock speeds.

    If you overclock and increase the temps, you'll need to increase the fan speed to manage your temps, the noise will increase.
  14. I recommend you take a look at the EVGA GTX 670 FTW.

    It has on par performance as a stock GTX 680 straight out of the box and is much cheaper.

    It will also be a good overclocker.
  15. Oooh i think that's what it is then because i had an overclock edition X3
  16. The EVGA GTX 670 FTW is the one you showed me. I mean at the moment i can spend up to 550 - 600 on a Graphics Card but that one is gonna save me a bit of money cause i am planning on buying the COSMOS II Chassis case afterward lol
  17. Haha yees! I gotta gotta gotta gotta haave that giant monster. It's really for protection so another coffee spill doesn't happen again..... x3

    Question while you're here real quick. I dunno much about how SLI works but i know i have to buy another Mobo to do that. So if i buy the 670 a second time, i'll get double the graphics power?
  18. Hey guys... Isn't this the SAME card you showed me but even cheaper than Newegg? They offer 10 dollars off here.
  19. Ok!! ROFL
  20. Thanks Recon. Purchase complete. :)

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