Why does my computer keep freezing ?!

I recently got a computer and I downloaded an MMORPG on it . But every time I load it up it keeps freezing . Ctrl+Alt+Del won't work . And it's really annoying . This also happens even when I'm NOT playing a game and just surfing the internet .

I use Windows 7 .
~~ System Manufacturer : INTELR
~~ System Model : AWRDACPI
~~ System Type : X86 - Based PC
~~ Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, 3207 MHz, 1 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
~~ Installed Physical Memory (RAM) : 2.00 GB
~~ Total Physical Memory : 2.00 GB
~~ Available Physical Memory : 1.05 GB
~~ Total Virtual Memory : 4.00 GB
~~ Available Virtual Memory : 2.86 GB

I didn't know what Specs to put in because I'm not very good with all the computer stuff . So I just went down the list of my specs and chose what I thought would be the most important .
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  1. Check the System Requirement's of the MMO and compare them to yours
  2. At first glance I am surprised that you only have 2GB of system RAM. More so if that system is indeed a new one. Random system freezes, as in your case (during a PC game or in Windows), can be caused by a number of reasons, hardware and/or software related.

    So you might need to start testing both sides to rule out the cause. Unfortunately troubleshooting requires some basic computer knowledge and in some cases, spare parts, so if you are really unfamiliar with your computer and how it works, or you are uncomfortable re-installing (re-seating) hardware or Windows, you might find it easier to just bring it to a local computer shop and let them troubleshoot it for you. It will cost you more money but will save you time and grief if you don't know how to troubleshoot.
  3. Shock: I meet all the system requirements.

    Ender: Yes, I agree with you. But my cousin knows how to do all the trouble shooting stuff , he just doesn't know what's going on with the computer is all . So I thought I should ask around and then have him try the ideas to see if it could fix the problem.
  4. If I were having this problem, I would start by testing the RAM (boot and run MemoryTest 86 over night), then I would test the hard drive for errors (look for a manufacturer's utility to test the hard drive), then I would install a monitoring software and check the temperatures of the CPU and the GPU (if they are running too high, that might be part of the problem). If nothing helps or gives you a clue, next I would try swapping the hard drive for a new one, either clone your current hard drive, or consider re-installing Windows (my choice). If you re-install Windows, try running it for week or so with the minimum programs installed on it.

    Did this problem sudden;y start happening right after you installed the MMORPG? if so try un-installing it or consider a fresh install of Windows.
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