THX-will this PSU fit in this CASE?

ok thanks guy for your fast replys and accurate anwser so according to what you guys told me about that case that i was going is bad...etc i got a good case + build that i guess would do that shot, what im not sure of if this powersupply with fit case.

powersupply: CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2

CASE: COOLER MASTER Elite 430 RC-430-KWN1 Black Steel / Plastic Computer Case

my build:

processor: AMD fx 4100

HD: WESTERN digital caviar blue sata 6 RPM 7200 3.5


Ram 8 GB 1600 MGHZ


i'd like to know if theres a better AMD cpu for better gaming performace and for the budget then the one im attending to buy.
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  1. PSU will fit, it is a standard ATX psu, and a standatd ATX case.

    You might want to read this Tom's article on the best gaming cpu's for the money, July 2012:,3106.html

    There are NO AMD winners at any price point. the FX-4100 is the only amd chip to get an honorable mention.
    If you are an amd stockholder, or play quad core optimized games, that is the best one to get. Otherwise look to Intel.
  2. Can i throw my 2 cents here, screw the Bulldozer CPU get your self a nice 965BE or better
  3. in my opinion this build is a beast since its fair enought for a budget

    Costing me 483 dollars without shiping + rebates
    Do you guys thinks it worth the moneY?
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