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Okay, Hi all. I have an HP Pavilion DV7-3065dx laptop. I am trying to upgrade it because I am trying to become a computer programmer or something along those lines. I just want to know everything haha.

Anyways, I am trying to upgrade my laptops CPU. Right now, its a AMD Turion II Ultra dual-core m600. I want to know what the best upgrade for it would be. I tried searching myself but I can't find out. I went to newegg and all they have is a single core. Like I said, I want my computer to be better for when I go to college. That way I can do what I need and make sure I don't have many problems.

I just recently got into computers after I helped my friend build his deskop from scratch. I hope to, one day, know all the parts and what they do. I know things like the motherboard, CPU, PSU, video/graphics card, Ram/memory, Hard drives, SSD and all that suff.

Anyways, I am rambling, sorry! Thanks for any help. Also, if there are any pros that want to give me some pointers, let me know and we can find some way to talk!! Thanks everyone.
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  1. The thing with laptops is that you're not really upgradeable. For the most part you can swap out/add ram or swap HDD/SDDs in and out, but otherwise they are pretty static. If you're looking for a faster laptop your best bet would be to get a whole new one.
  2. I see. Thanks for the reply. So should I just go about buying and building myself a desktop and just leave my laptop for simpler things? I forgot to mention that I am an Avid gamer and it is what had gotten me into wanting to be a computer programmer or something along those lines. That way I could possibly make my own games and what not. I have my Newegg cart full of desktop parts to try and get a beast of a computer. Anyways, thanks for your help sir.
  3. what is your price range for a build i have been doing these things for a while and can help if you need some
  4. Well, right now, I'm jobless. so I am saving up $2,500 to get the parts that I want/need. I am doing overkill on a lot of it. Like I plan on getting 2 video/graphics cards, I want either a Rampage 4 or X79 Sabertooth motherboard. I am getting an i7 quad core CPU, I plan on getting a hard drive and an SSD. I am going all out. Not having a job is part of the reason why I want to go to college to become a computer programmer.

    As of right now, my price range is nothing. I have a total of $350 saved right now. I do odd jobs for family and stuff until I can either find a job or get enrolled into college. I tried the whole ChipIn service to try and get some help because I planned on becoming a streamer on Twitch since I play video games almost 24/7.

    Sorry for rambling again!
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