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What kind of power supply and video card do i need

im planning on getting a HP ENVY H8 until i learned that the graphics card is crap on it, and to get a better one i need a better power supply and card. can anyone find me some compatible ones that will work for the computer, was hoping to get a gt 640, or a gtx 650, but not sure if it will fit in computer.
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Although upgrading those can be done through HP's website here , you can custom order from them, you can also do much better (price wise) by upgrading on your own.
    If upgrading to a GT640, the included 300W power supply should be adequate. An upgrade to GTX650 and I will recommend a 400W or greater PSU for that.
    Lets see what we can do...
    EVGA 02G-P4-2643-KR GeForce GT 640 for $96 with shipping, HP wants $170, $70 savings
    or for the GTX650 upgrade
    Galaxy 65NGH8DL7AXX GeForce GTX 650 for $105 with shipping, HP doesn't offer that card. A power supply for the GTX650, I would recommend something like this
    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 430W for $46 shipping included, HP wants $100 to upgrade to a 600W (for a GTX660 which they do offer)
    The graphics cards linked are representitive samples of what is available. The NewEgg links are used for descriptive purposes only (although I do shop from them)
    Hope it helps
  2. The GT440 isn't much of a card for $100 btw.
    - Better off with a Radeon HD7750 >= 850MHz.

    The original ones can still be found that don't have the requirement of a 6-pin PCIe power connector and they'll work with a lower grade power supply unit.

    They offer the HD7770, so I'll use that for comparison:

    But after reading the reviews I can't say I recommend it...
    - The other reviews are mostly good or neutral, but it appears that they don't upgrade the PSU when you order it with a 'top of the line' video card, even though the cards are listed as supported.

    Over USD$2,000 for a decent configuration... you're kidding me, right?
    - I cannot recommend this machine for the life of me.

    They also let people buy it with Windows 8 (32-bit) even though the base configuration is 8GB RAM.
    - That's piss poor QA demonstrated right there.
    - It won't be able to use half the RAM it ships with if people do that (and that is the default, which makes it even worse!).

    On a side note, the build quality of the HP ENVY LAPTOPS is much better!
    - They might not have the 3D grunt you're after though.
    - I can, and do, recommend HP/Compaq laptops.
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